lasik is considered today the most growing surgical procedure in the world. During the past few years millions have undergone lasik surgery and got rid of their glasses. In spite of its popularity it is not totally risk free and it should be performed by an experienced surgeon.
Doctor Mohamed Hosny was trained in El Instituto Oftalmologico De Alicante in Spain. Where he preformed lasiks under the supervision of professor Jorge Alio for one year in 1998.

He then continued his surgical training in 1999 in princess Alexandra's Eye Pavillion in Edinburgh where he was trained in cataract surgery using the ultrasound technology (phacoemulsification)

He returned to his home town cairo in late 1999 as an experienced lasik and phaco surgeon. He participates as a speaker each year in the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) meeting held in a different European city each time. He offers his services in his Private clinic situated in Mohandeseein, along with his sessions in Dar El Oyoun Hospital where he works as a consultant refractive and phaco surgeon

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What's iLasik?
تعتبر عملية الليزك التفصيلى CustomVue و التى تعتمد على قياس البصمة البصرية عن طريق Wavescan جهاز ال
هى احدث ما توصل اليه العلم فى تصحيح الابصار
What is LenSx ليزر الفيمتو ثانية ?
يعتبر ليزر الفيمتو ثانية  (LenSx)

من ادق انواع الليزر الجراحية
فهو يستخدم لأجراء الجراحات المتناهية الدقة والتي تستلزم فتحات جراحية متناهية الصغر بدون الاحتياج الى أي مشارط معدنية
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